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Seniors 4 a Democratic Society improvise We are an evolving group dedicated to promoting, sustaining, and defending an inclusive and egalitarian democracy. We enrich through diversity, empower through unity and defend through non-violence.

check in We are ordinary folks who grew up marching for the civil rights, freedom, anti-war, Women’s, and LGBT rights movements of the 60s and 70s. We will not stand idly or quietly by as the Republican Party tears at the foundations of our democracy. We believe in the power of democracy, the power of community and the power of all the people of these United States. We share a deeply held belief that the fundamental and unassailable right to self-governance is manifest in its highest form by the democratic processes rooted in the evolved U.S. Constitution.

how can i buy diflucan We also firmly believe that inclusivity, transparency and equality are fundamental to a robust democratic process and that the precious and self-generated gift of governance requires persistent engagement and vigilance by the people and unfailing reverence, integrity, and accountability by the government.

real Misoprostol without prescription Human experience has taught us that when these fundamental principles for the continued viability and vitality of our democracy are threatened, those who share a sincere and passionate devotion to these beliefs and to our democratic process are called upon act. Failure to answer the call of this moral imperative puts the lifeblood of our democracy in peril. Surprisingly, we find ourselves in such a perilous moment with the results of the 2016 election.

Here at the dawn of the 21st century there is no place for regressive nationalism, racism, homophobia, and misogyny that has been a shameful part of our past and has been promoted and celebrated during the last election cycle and into the current administration. We recognize this turn toward authoritarianism will lead inexorably to a fascistic state that deprives the people of the United States of America of their human rights that so many have sacrificed their lives to protect.

We believe it is our duty and obligation to confront and oppose any threat to fulfillment of these ideals. Accordingly, for the protection, sustenance and flourishing of our democracy, we support confrontation and opposition within the bounds of lawful authority against those who seek to undermine, weaken or compromise it.